Looking for high quality music streaming? Stream all audio formats with no quality loss with LOOP for Vox.

Are you a fan of high definition sound? Our team has created an outstanding product for high quality music streaming from your exclusive UNLIMITED music cloud storage.

These modern days there is an immense amount of different applications for listening to music, sharing music and music streaming. High quality of audio, though is extremely rare to find among pluses of popular products. For now, what the industry of music software is suggesting - is an extreme amount of music for you to listen. They take care of many aspects of your experience - and, sadly, quality of sound they deliver is not one of them.

As true audiophiles, we don’t think that quantity over quality is a square deal.

Here’s why we have made something entirely different. A product that gives an UNLIMITED MUSIC STORAGE capacity and a HIGH DEFINITION sound and a product created for music lovers and by music lovers - it’s LOOP for VOX!

Why LOOP as the best high quality music streaming and what’s up with the quality?

Think of what you’d expect from a music streaming app.

Is it quality? Maybe you’d like to stream music in any format you like? And, most importantly, how about an unlimited storage exclusively for your music collection?

It’s all about the format

Every true music lover knows: it’s absolutely all about the format. High quality music streaming is impossible when files, delivered to you are encoded in mp3. Find out more about why mp3 is just not your option when you are hooked on quality sound.

Lossless versus lossy

If you want quality sound - choose Lossless audio files. What does Lossless mean? People often confuse Lossless and uncompressed. These characteristics have something in common but aren’t completely similar.


For example WAV and AIFF formats are lossless uncompressed audio codecs. It makes them great to listen to as they are exact copies of the recorded sound. But the truth is that they tend to take up a bit of unnecessary space. (but with LOOP you can stream them as well, but behold, we’ll get to it later).

FLAC streaming

A compression to some extent is a positive thing. The file becomes lighter but yet preserves the best features. This well describes FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec. Flac is a lossless audio format with maximum quality and accurate realistic sound. This is so far the most popular Lossless audio format among all. Most music on CDs and online purchases come in Flac format.

ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec. Just as good as Flac but occupies a bit more storage space. (Even though you won’t have to worry about that) APE - A great and super efficiently compressed audio file, which in quality is equal to FLAC and ALAC, except it is significantly lighter. Unfortunately you don’t find audio encoded in this format very often, just because it is rarely supported by music players.

Why not lossy?

Some audio formats, like MP3 and AAC are highly compressed versions of the recording. Which makes them really small to store as well as easy to stream. Nearly all streaming service stream audios in mp3. That’s why their sound is definitely not your option.

If you are a true music junkie and an HD music fan - let us introduce LOOP for VOX.

LOOP for VOX Music Cloud Storage - the best high quality music streaming solution

Designed by music lovers and for music lovers, LOOP for VOX is an unlimited cloud music storage solution with an ability of Lossless playback.

It is created to work with an all formats - FLAC, ALAC, MP3, OGG, APE and many more.

By the way, VOX for Mac and iPhone Hi-Res music player for Mac and iPhone which is absolutely free for to enjoy!

We just know, that quality matters.

We also know, that your music collection is huge and awesome, that’s why we want to make sure you always keep it with you and enjoy it to the fullest!

What you get with LOOP for VOX:

  • An UNLIMITED music storage for all the music you own and love. Our users have already uploaded and are now streaming an overall of 4,500 terabytes of music. Finally, you can forget about running out of memory oh your Mac and carrying all those external HDDs with you. Feel safe about your music - tunes, our users entrust us are securely kept on servers all around the world, which makes for an awesome music backup

  • The best quality of music! Play FLAC, ALAC, MP3, OGG, APE and many more music formats with no quality loss! If you have been looking for high quality music streaming - finally, get the most out of your amazing audio system and these fancy earphones of your and enjoy your audios to the fullest!

  • Sync feature between Mac and iPhone. Get all the music you upload to LOOP for Vox on your Mac appear on your iPhone instantly. Sync your favourites and playlists across your devices in seconds!

  • Sleek design with nothing extra to keep you concentrated on music and great usability to make your experience even better.

  • Free 14-day trial for you to totally love and stay with us!


Yuliya Gobriy

Coppertino Inc.

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